In the source code where exactly the logic is written for the auto complete?

Dec 12, 2012 at 8:07 AM


Can you tell me where exactly we can find the logic for the auto complete?

Please suggest the exact line of code...



Dec 12, 2012 at 2:43 PM

Most of the script is handling the auto complete. Line 62 is the div box that handles the results. Line 64 is the trigger that initiates the auto complete. Let me know what you need exactly.

Dec 13, 2012 at 4:16 AM


I wanted to find the query specified for fetching the results from the sharepoint db.I wanted to how it will start after 3 characters and give the suggestion for any word starting from the specifed 3 letters in the search box.Any how i got that line..But now my question is when we are fetching the results through the sql query and trying to display it in the autosuggestion using the Title attribute it is not fetching any value...

I dont want the description to be displayed on mouse hover and on click of any suggestion it should redirect to the accordingly i made the changes...but it is not working...

I am pasting my modified code....Can you help me getting the results???????????How can I modify so that i can only get the Title in the suggestion and on click of the suggestion it should go to the search box??????

                                title = $("Title", $(this)).text();

html +=

                     <label onclick='return suggestionSelect(;' id='" + title + "' >" + $("Title", $(this)).text() + "</label> \    

 function suggestionSelect(suggestionId) {

                  var selectedDiv = $("#quickSearchResults>div:eq(" + quickSearchSelectedDivIndex + ") label");
            if (selectedDiv.length == 1)

            //calling of the page redirection function


redirectPage(suggestionId) function will handle the redirection of the page to the results.aspx on click of the suggestion in the autosuggestion box.

it was working fine when i am was not using any sql query in the QueryText of the queryXML.But after putting the query the above code is not working.

Please suggest any solution??????????????????